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The system of purifying raw sewage using filters planted with reeds is ideal for purifying sewage from 35 to 2,500 eq./hab (equivalent population). Ideal for rural communities, the resulting purification of raw sewage complies with current European standards.

The system comprises two successive filter beds planted with reeds :
  • The first one receives the raw water via a supply system equipped with a float-operated flush for pre-treating the sewage (removing matter in suspension and a part of the organic matter).
  • The second one receives the clear water via a supply system fitted with a clear water float-operated flush, to ensure that the water is completely purified (organic matter, nitrogen, etc.).

It achieves a high degree of purification without the need for electrical power and does not require highly trained personnel.

Alistep is a manufacturer of equipment for drinking water production and sewage treatment.

DD2Our products meet environmental requirements and form part of our sustainable development strategy.

Their design avoids components that could pose a threat to the environment.

They are more than 98% recyclable.

Alistep installations guarantee :

  • reliability and suitability in all situations, using high-tech, sustainable, solid, light materials (stainless steel, polyester, composites, etc.).
  • compactness > modules grouped together in a single structure for easy installation and use.
  • adaptability to all types of terrain.
  • optimum suitability for local authorities (from 35 to 2,500 equivalent population).

Today, Alistep has more than 500 references in France.

All our equipment adopt this efficient, “rustic” concept with no power supply required.

Conscious of the need to be environmentally friendly, our reed bed filter treatment plants are designed for easy recycling at the end of their service life.

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