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Alistep offers a range of resin tanks intended for first and second stage reed bed filters.

Our resin tanks combine the efficiency of a material, which is not subject to corrosion from contact with sewage water, raw or clarified, which can be particularly aggressive, with longevity and lightness. Although it is extremely strong, this material, resin or polyester, is light, making it more environmentally friendly to transport on the one hand and easier and safer to install on the other.

Because they are reinforced, our resin feed tanks will not distort under normal installation conditions.
These raw water tanks are especially designed to contain Alistep raw water flushing mechanisms, float-operated flushes which, since they are based on self-priming siphons, do not require any power supply.
Since the basic shape of the construction has already been produced, no finishing fill is required, only the level of the float-operated flush is adjusted on site.
Also, due to the operating principle of the self-priming tank/flush assembly, the effluent pipe bore can never suffer obstructions. Any risk of blockage is therefore avoided and the feed tank does not require an overflow.

cuve en résine traitement des eaux


Specially designed for quick and easy maintenance, the shape of the bottom of the first-stage tank facilitates the pumping of all the effluent. A drain facilitates water evacuation.
Our “Studies and Development” department can assist you with its expertise in the choice and sizing of equipment.

ACQUA range

cuve acqua pour eaux brutes

We offer a wide range of “Acqua” tanks for raw water, made from moulded polyester or resin, to deal with the varying constraints imposed by users and the terrain. We offer an extensive range from 0.7 cu. m. to 9.3 cu. m..

We offer three types of circular tank with different diameters and also a rectangular tank. Since the height of feed tanks is adjustable, they can contain a wide range of volumes.
Dimensions (m)
Volume range (cu. m.)
 Rectangular tank
Length : 2.50 m
wide : 1.10 m
0,70 – 1,60
 Circular tank
2,08 m in diameter
1,10 – 2,80
2,58 m in diameter
1,75 – 5,80
2,95 m in diameter
2,30 – 9,30

Acqua+ range

cuve rectangulaire chasse acqua+

“Acqua+” feed tanks, custom built, are specially designed to meet the most difficult storage and height constraints.


These tanks are strengthened at the sides.

The distribution tank

All Acqua and Acqua+ tanks are equipped with an integrated distribution tank.

This is used to channel effluents to the filter chamber.
The number of filter outlets can be adapted according to the number of chambers.
It makes installation easier and ensures that the flushes operate efficiently. Its proximity to the tank makes cleaning simpler.

regard de répartition cuve

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