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V-shape flow-measuring channel

The V-shape flow measuring channel which we manufacture measures flows of between 0.5 and 14 cu. m. per hr.
Made of polyester, it will not corrode on contact with aggressive sewage water. Although extremely durable, this material is much lighter than concrete and easier to install. Made ofstainless steel, the calming blade and the V-blade are also corrosion resistant.
This measuring device comes complete and is ready for use.. A drain with a stoppered tube allows the device to be drained easily when required and gratings cover the structure so that plant personnel can walk on it in complete safety.


Venturi type flow measuring channel


This quantifies the volume of water discharged from the plant.
We sell venturi type flow meters (AFNOR standard). It is inserted into a structure to be positioned.

Venturi channel

Type 1 venturi channel : 0.21 to 21.6 cu. m. per hr.

canal venturi type 1

Type 2 venturi channel : 0.43 to 43.2 cu. m. per hr.

canal venturi type 2

Tank-load meter

The tank-load meter monitors the plant’s operation.
It does not require an electrical connection (long-life batteries).


Mecanic tank-load meter :
With the mecanic tank-load meter we can count how many flows are sent by the float-operated flush or self-priming siphon.

compteur_mecanique-de-bachees Compteur_mecanique

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